43th Honorary Officer Investiture

December 20, 2019

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC unit would like to congratulate P/H/INSP(NPCC) Ivan Leong Wee Ren upon passing out from the 43th Batch Honorary Officer Basic Training Course (HOBTC) with an investiture Ceremony held on 20th December 2019 at Home Team Academy to mark the end of the course.


A brief introduction about P/H/INSP(NPCC) Ivan Leong Wee Ren, Ivan first joined NPCC back in 2008 as a cadet in Jurongvillle Secondary School NPCC Unit and graduated in 2013. Fast-forward to today, he is currently studying in a local university which he chanced upon an opportunity to join back NPCC. This inspired him to come back as an Honorary Officer.

Below are reflections of P/H/INSP(NPCC) Ivan Leong Wee Ren on why he joined HOBTC.

“I decided to join HOBTC and come back as a HO because I hope that using my past NPCC experience as a cadet, and also my own life experiences, I am able to guide and impart certain values to the cadets, allowing them to grow into a better person.”

Lastly, JVS NPCC Unit would like to welcome Ivan back to the big family!


         Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Standard First Aid Course 2019

November 5, 2019

Recently, our Secondary 2 cadets attended a standard first aid course held in Jurongville Secondary School on 5 November 2019. The course aims to equip our cadets with the basics skills on providing first aid to those in need. Essential skills like CPR and usage of AED are being imparted to our cadets too.


Our cadets having a fun time learning


Practical session!


Bandaging session


Below are some reflections by the Secondary 2 cadets that attended the course,

“Our First Aid course was held on 5th November 2019, during the course I learnt many useful and important skills on how to provide first aid to others. During the first half we were taught different types of injuries like choking, burns and fractures. Then we were provided with items to use for our hands on where we got to practice treating such injuries. During the second half we were thought when and how to perform CPR, the usage of AED and were also given time to do a hands-on session to try it out.

Using the skills I learnt that I am able to provide first aid to those in need such as during school activities or when anyone gets injured in public. Participating this course has allowed me to be more confident in providing medical help to those in need. After learning the skills I can now step forward in taking control of the situation if anyone is hurt.”

-LCP (NPCC) Sandi Noe Noe Htet

“I learnt how to administer first aid correctly and the importance of taking initiative to help the casualty. (Treating burn wounds, different bandaging techniques, helping someone who is choking, doing CPR and using the AED)

I feel that first aid is quite easy to understand and learn, and more people should learn about it too.”

-LCP (NPCC) Dana Koh

We hope that through this course, not only our cadets had fun but also gain confidence to be able to apply these skills in times of emergency.


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Adventure/Survival Training Camp 2019

November 3, 2019

The Adventure and Survival Training Camp (A/STC) is an annual event held at Pulau Ubin, NPCC Camp Resilience in hope to gain confidence, build character and leadership skills through outdoor learning.

This year, the A/STC is held on the 1 November to 3 November, an 3 day 2 night camp which is filled with programmes and activities planned to allow the cadets to step out of their comfort zone to work within their groups in a outdoor environment.

The programmes include tent pitching, where the cadets had to build tents as a shelters to sleep in. Team Building games to build communication skills and teamwork within the group. Low elements for Secondary 2 to prep them for HRC next year and Physical Training to energize the cadets to get ready for the fun day ahead!


Our cadet leader Joyce teaching her junior



Team building games!



Our cadet, Dini trying out the low elements


Our cadet, Lucas helping his group mate with the helmet for low elements


Cadets persevering through the morning run

The Secondary 2 cadets went on land expedition in Pulau Ubin, to get to know more about the island itself. The hike was a mini treasure hunting game where each group had to draw their own map as they get from NPCC Camp Resilience to Jelutong Campsite. Along the way the cadets had to decide an item and where would they want to hide it. At Jelutong Campsite, each group swap maps and hiked their way back to NPCC Camp Resilience based on that map. They are to find the hidden item at the checkpoint using their pacing and bearing, which was taught on day 1.

Through this land expedition, the cadets learned about the value of empathy where they put themselves in other group perspective to draw the map as detailed as possible to ensure that the other groups would not get confused while using it.


Group picture of the campers together with their TOs and GIs at Jelutong Campsite

On the other hand, the Secondary 3 cadets went through a series of high rope challenges. The highlight of the challenges would be the Flying Fox, which allows the cadets to get a bird-eye view of the campsite while ‘flying’ down from the tower. Through this high rope challenge, the cadets are able to gain confidence and trust from the motivation of their GIs and group mates.





Our cadet, Aqil trying his best in attempting the rock wall

Lastly, the camp ended on a good note, with a campfire held the celebrate the success of the camp. The campfire was filled with songs and cheers. Individual groups also had cheer, dance and skits on display to entertain the audience.


We hope that the cadets had enjoyed the camp and taken away values, experience and memories which will follow them for a long time.


JVSS NPCC at NPCC Camp Resilience


Area 18 A/STC 2019 Completed!


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Cadet Leader Camp 2019

October 13, 2019

The Annual Cadet Leader Camp was held during 11th October 2019 to 13th October 2019. A total of 11 Secondary 2 cadets came for the Cadet Leader Course.

They went through 3 Days of intensive drills, campcraft, PT and many other stuffs conducted by our Cadet Inspectors to impart them the basics soft and hard skills which is essential when leading their juniors as a Cadet Leader. The 11 cadet leader trainees also planned for their lessons on Day 2 which was on drills, campcraft and PT simulation. Through these simulations, it was a platform for them to step out of their comfort zone to lead, teach and improve on their soft skills together along with our Cadet Inspectors’ feedback.


Our cadet inspector Putra imparting the cadets with the soft skills required for drills lesson



Drill simulation done by cadet leader trainees


We ended off Day 2 with a night team building game, the cadet leader trainees went through 3 tough and unforgettable challenges. These 3 challenges were mainly targeting their ability to stick as ONE squad in times of difficulties, to be more confident in their Words of Command and lastly instruction giving. They persevered and encouraged each other along the way, improving their relationship and communication as a squad.


All exhausted and tired


Cadet Leader trainees working on their last activity together


Satisfied faces at the end of all the 3 activities

Through this 3 Day 2 Night camp, the cadet leader trainees were being pushed to their limits. They went through difficult situations that requires their critical thinking skills and empathy. In which they learned to empathise with each other, cover up for each other weaknesses becoming ONE strong squad at the end of the day.


Together as ONE!

Lastly, cadet leader trainees always remember the quote behind your reflection booklets:

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”

-John Maxwell

JVSNPCC wishes the 11 Cadet Leaders all the best in their CL-ship, bringing JVSNPCC to a greater height! We would like to take this opportunity to also thank the Officers, Honorary Officers and Cadet Inspectors for taking their time off to contribute and make a difference in the Cadet Leaders.


        Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Area Games Day 2019

July 13, 2019

This year, the Area 18 Games day is held at Jurongville Secondary School on the 13 July 2019. Is an annual event held in hope to build teamwork with one another and the intention of strengthening the bonds and improving relationships between the Area 18 families through the means of games and activities.

A total of 7 NPCC units participated in the Area 18 Games Day , where Area 18 is also happy to have participation from cadets from Hwa Chong Institution NPCC unit to be a part of the fun.

Games were won and friendships were born. The cadets had fun interacting with each other and competing with other units in a healthy environment. While displaying teamwork and sportsmanship during the games.


Our cadet leader Kritika explaining the rules of the games to the participants


Our cadets in action!


Avoid getting hit by the dodge ball!


Unit photo at the Area Games Day


Successful completion of Area Games Day

Good job to all the schools!


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


Annual Camp 2019

June 30, 2019

A 3 day 2 night camp was held in Jurongville Secondary School from the 28th to 30th June 2019. The Annual Camp was held in conjunction with the Passing-Out-Ceremony and Hike.

The Annual Camp was organised with the objective of welcoming the new Secondary 1 Cadets into the big Jurongville NPCC Unit family and to strengthen the bonds between the levels.

The camp kicked off with an annual hike at Bukit Timah. Although the hike was long and exhausting, but our cadets managed persevered through with each other’s companion and the guidance of the Teacher Officers and Cadet Inspectors.


Cadets together along with our teacher officers at the Bukit Timah Summit

Cadets from all levels also had the opportunity to experience ‘Outdoor Field Cooking’ as they step out of their comfort zone to set-up fire to prepare their own meals under the watchful eyes of the Instructors. This gave them an opportunity to have an experience to have their hot meals cooked outdoor.


Activities such as team building games were also held to allow the cadets to better bond with each other through communication and interactive games. Fingerprint dusting was also being introduced to the Secondary 1 cadets allowing them to know more about NPCC CSI. They enjoyed their practical session with the guidance of the Cadet Leaders too!


Team Building Games!


Happy faces of the secondary 1 cadets after the fingerprint dusting activity led by our cadet leaders

Lastly, a Passing-Out- Ceremony was also held to appreciate the efforts and the service put in by the Secondary 4 cadets over the years, wishing them all the best in their national exams! A sumptuous buffet dinner was also provided to mark the last night of the camp.


Annual Unit photo taking session


Graduating Batch 2019


Successful completion of Annual Camp 2019

Jurongville NPCC Unit hopes that the cadets had forged friendships between one another while having a fun and enriching time through the camp.


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit


96th Cadet Inspector Investiture

June 21, 2019

Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit proudly congratulate Cadet Inspector (NPCC) Jamie Lim Jia Min for successfully completed the 96th Batch Cadet Inspector Basic Training Course (CIBTC). An investiture was held at the Home Team Academy on 21 June 2019 to mark the end of the course and the start of Jamie’s CI-ship.

Our new addition to the instructor’s family, JVSNPCC would like to welcome Jamie back to the Unit as a Cadet Inspector!


Cadet Inspector Jamie in her No.1 Uniform


Jurongville Secondary School NPCC Unit